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Will Steve Wozniak skip the iPad line?

The Apple co-founder says he has ordered two iPads for himself--one with Wi-Fi and one with 3G. But will he jump the line as he's been accused of doing in the past?

If you are preparing to spend a long night parked in some freezing, wet sleeping bag just to be one of the first to own an iPad, there is something you might want to be on the lookout for: Steve Wozniak jumping in line.

I say this firstly because the Apple co-founder has been tainted with rumors of line-skipping more adroit than his dancing. More than once, I am sad to say.

And he has now confirmed to Newsweek that he has ordered three of the new thighPads, two for himself and one for a mysterious friend.

The accusations of line-jumping were leveled at Wozniak at the Apple Store at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, Calif., though one cannot be sure whether he will choose the very same store or appear at some other undisclosed location.

Is Woz a line dancer? CC

However, he did tell Newsweek: "I ordered two for myself--one with the Wi-Fi and one with the 3G. And I'll go to the store on Friday night and wait in line, just for fun."

Why he might need both versions of the iPad is unclear, though perhaps the answer might well be "because I can."

He did concede that, at first, just like Bill Gates, he wasn't sold on the magic or the revolution: "At first I thought, this is not for me. I have the iPhone for mobility and a computer for my computer life. With the iPhone there are certain things it just doesn't do well, mostly in browsing. It's horrible to navigate a map on an iPhone because of the screen size."

Coincidentally, he has already found it necessary to wander about the world with two iPhones (as well as a Droid and a Nexus One). "If the battery runs down on the first one, I can use the other. And if I'm talking on one, I can use the other one to look something up. You would not believe how much use I get out of that," he told Newsweek.

I do believe it. Just as I believe he will be waiting as patiently as the next enthusiast for Friday night's love-in, when Apple's fans keep their eyes on the prize so that they can keep their eyes on their thighs.