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Will small businesses make the switch?

Will small businesses make the switch?

At the Macworld keynote this morning, Roz Ho, general manager of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, took the stage to promise that Microsoft will continue to create new versions of Office for Mac for at least the next five years. Which made me wonder: will the new Macs be compelling enough for your average small business--and not just the creative professionals that have long used Apple's machines--to make the platform switch? If Apple's claims are true, the new Intel processors should deliver ample performance for typical business use; Mac OS X is still considered less of a target for virus writers than Windows; and the Mac's built-in iSight camera and well-rounded software package can be quite useful in a business setting (iWeb alone has the potential to save a small-business owner both time and money). On the other hand, many users feel comfortable with Windows, and the Mac's hefty price tag is tough for businesses to ignore, no matter how many features the money buys.

Will your small biz consider switching to Mac? Leave a comment and let me know why or why not.