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Will next arcade machines hit the jackpot?

They look awfully like slot machines to us


The "Megatouch Elite Edge Ion" may sound like a Sharper Image air filter, but the prosaically named machine could make game arcades look like the floor of the Bellagio. (OK, maybe the Flamingo.)

Although it resembles those irritatingly chipper video slots that feature dozens of ways to empty your wallet with every spin, the Megatouch is designed to play all types of non-gambling games--102, to be exact--ranging from trivia to sports, according to Chip Chick. It even has a joystick to go along with its touch screen, something you won't find among the nickel slots in Vegas or Atlantic City.

A conspiracy nut might think it was part of a grand plan to get kids hooked on casino-like machines early. If scantily clad waitresses begin showing up at arcades taking orders for complimentary Mountain Dews, there may be some reason for suspicion.