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Will Jobs take over Disney?

Life has often imitated art in the long-running back-lot soap opera between Disney and Pixar, but the most recent story line is worthy of any Touchstone Pictures production. Only a few years ago, the powerful alliance of the two companies seemed to be all but dead after a widely publicized feud between their respective CEOs, Michael Eisner and Steve Jobs.


But since Eisner--a Hollywood icon in his own right--resigned after more than two decades at Disney's helm, relations have between the companies. So much so, in fact, that rumors are circulating of Disney possibly acquiring Pixar.

Sources have told the Wall Street Journal that such a deal would make Jobs the leading individual shareholder in Disney. Although current Disney CEO RobertIger appears secure in his position, the question was inevitable: Could Jobs some day assume the throne of the Magic Kingdom that once rejected him with extreme prejudice? Even Shakespeare would have to appreciate the prospects of such irony.

Blog community response:

"I think that's the key here and it would effectively put Steve Jobs in charge of Walt Disney's legacy; much like Roy Disney, the current largest stock holder, is now. Jobs has handled a lot, but is he ready for that?
--The Disney Blog

"Even if Disney buys Pixar and Steve becomes chairman at Disney, I guess it would only mean good news for Apple's iTunes and iPod. Or would such a position of Jobs endanger future deals with other companies?

"The best scenario is Steve Jobs becoming a top dog at Disney and hopefully one day becoming THE top dog. Disney was once a great place and it could be once again. They need a visionary like Jobs, not another watered down suit."
--Rob Fahrni