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Culture forgets lyrics, reads them from cell phone?

In what appears to be a musically incriminating video, the Black Eyed Peas singer uses his cell phone in order to read the lyrics to one of his own songs. Or does he? MySpace

Cell phones were created so that we, the human race, could do many things at once. Thinking, writing, and eating, for example.

Your challenge today is to decide precisely what was using his cell phone for in this video.

What is clear is that he was singing on stage with the Belgian hip-hopperish singer Stromae. What is also clear is that the Black Eyed Peas singer looks at his cell phone while he is singing his own portion of their little mashup, a sweet lullaby called "Don't Stop the Party."

However, can we be sure-- despite the Hollywood Reporter's insistence-- that is actually using the cell phone to remind himself of his band's own lyrics?

Yes, I know there are those cynics who believe that many singers are less than intellectual, that they constantly mime during concerts, that they have teleprompters that help them read lyrics through a substance-fueled haze.

In this case, though, I have a different theory.

What is slightly less well known, perhaps, is that also manages talent. And one particular client of his has had her troubles lately.

Her name is Cheryl Cole and she was due to be a judge on the new Simon Cowell show "The X Factor."

However, depending on whom you believe (and I don't believe anyone), she left the show because no one could understand her British accent (which is from a northern part of England colloquially known as Geordieland), because no one knew who she was, or because she was homesick.

It seems entirely possible that, just as any fine corporate executive would do, was using his cell phone during working hours in order to negotiate a new, lucrative gig for his client.

No one finds it strange any more that people whip out their cell phones at any given moment. So I feel sure that was merely proving just what an ardent multitasker he is.