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Will flexible 'Rolltop' laptop ever become reality?

Orkin Design's Rolltop is as cool as a magic scroll. And, so far, just as real.

Looks like a thermos, but it's a laptop in disguise. myRolltop

Back in 2009, more than a few people drooled over a concept video from Orkin Design for a laptop with a flexible screen that rolls up into a magic scroll of sorts.

The Munich-based design firm recently released an updated concept video, but the Rolltop is so far no closer to becoming reality.

The Rolltop 2.0 is envisioned as having a flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) multitouch display (perhaps similar to Sony's) that can be used as a 13-inch laptop screen or full 17-inch monitor with a stand attached to the device.

When it's not being used, the screen rolls up into an 11-inch tube. It curls around a base tower that houses a Webcam, loudspeaker, and detachable power supply and cable that doubles as a shoulder strap. Check it out in the vid below.

The designers say they weren't thinking of making Rolltop into a product at first, but were so delighted by the warm response their concept received, they decided to move ahead with it.

They're now looking for partners and donations to help their cyberscroll see the light of day.