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Will eBay and Skype mind your business?

Will eBay and Skype mind your business?

We're excited to welcome Dorian Benkoil, whose face and words will soon grace the CNET Business Buzz each day. Dorian writes: "The big news about eBay buying Internet telephony company Skype has implications for businesses large and small. Is there a company that has done more for small business in the United States than eBay, that is more attuned to small-business needs, from storefronts to sole proprietorships?" Notes's Jennifer Guevin in a blog roundup: "Bringing Skype's communications technology to eBay creates the potential for new services and could fundamentally change the way people use the auction site." (Watch our At Work page for coverage in upcoming weeks on using eBay effectively and for a host of other small-business solutions.) Meanwhile, Skype has become a de facto standard for many small businesses, especially those whose staff work internationally but want to communicate at low (or no) cost using VoIP. Small businesses, take note."