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Will Apple make China's Meizu face the music?

Known for a design that's strikingly similar to the iPhone, the long-awaited media player is reportedly headed for the U.S. market.

Negri Electronics

This should be interesting. Ever since some purported product photos began circulating nearly a year ago, the "M8 MiniOne" media player from China-based Meizu has gained notice--and a measure of notoriety--for a design that looks strikingly similar to the iPhone. And now it's reportedly headed for the U.S. market, making its first appearance at January's annual CES trade show in Las Vegas--which Engadget and others speculate will send Apple's copyright attorneys scurrying to file intellectual property claims as fast as you can say preliminary injunction. In fact, even the wallpaper depicted in the image shown here is apparently a matter of some dispute. So much for international detente.