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Will anybody watch a "Lonelygirl15" spin-off?

And here I'd thought that nobody watched the "Lonelygirl15" videos on YouTube anymore after the too-cute teen video blogger was , started with the U.N. Millennium Campaign, and got a part in a movie . At that rate, I think we all expected that "Lonelygirl" Jessica Rose would be turning up in grainy Us Weekly photos holding hands with Jared Leto inside L.A. nightclubs.

But apparently not. According to NewTeeVee, the creators of "Lonelygirl15" consider the fake video blog to be such a success that they're introducing a spin-off. Yes, a spin-off.

Joanie Loves Chachi, anyone?

First reported in the Los Angeles Times, it appears that U.K.-based social network Bebo will be the hub for a new Brit-flavored video blog called "Lonelygirl15 Presents...KateModern." The Times article writes that this will be "the story of a Lonelygirl-esque 19-year-old British college student, her friends and the mysterious dark forces that permeate their life," and that the production team behind the videos has hinted that it will be a bit "edgier" than the original "Lonelygirl" series.

The reason? Despite the fact that "Lonelygirl15"--which is still in production--built up a massive fan base that largely didn't go away when vlogger "Bree" was outed as actress Rose, the creators of the Internet show hadn't built in a business model. Consequently, they still aren't making a whole lot of cash (if any) off it. With "KateModern," they're aiming to find sponsors, including product placement, with the help of Bebo. They're also hoping to integrate it into the social network with profiles for each character to foster fan interaction.

"KateModern" has not been cast yet, and the producers are still looking for U.K.-based writers and directors. So if you think you could make a convincing 19-year-old British emo girl who grapples with "dark forces," well, this might be your chance.