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Wil Wheaton rewrites 'Walking Dead' theme song

What happens when you give a series like "The Walking Dead" an '80s-era theme song like the one from "Full House"? Wil Wheaton and friends find out.

Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Warning: spoilers and gore aplenty in the video below make it not safe for work and people who haven't caught up on the show.

"The Wil Wheaton Project" debuted on the Syfy network Tuesday for all the geeks of the world to watch. In one of the show's segments, Wheaton and standup comic Chris Hardwick express their longing for the good old days when TV shows had an iconic theme song and an introduction that explained the show to viewers tuning in for the first time.

Naturally, the duo partnered with some folks who used to make such things to create an '80s-style theme song for AMC's "The Walking Dead," complete with tons of gore and spoilers from the latest season. The team produces 60 seconds of brain-busting goodness, with an intro that's arguably just as good as AMC's.

Check it out at your own discretion below, and be sure to keep your head squarely on top of your shoulders.