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WikiLeaks stops publishing leaked files

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has stopped publishing classified files, saying it's under attack from US financial institutions.

WikiLeaks, the whisteblowing website responsible for leaking classified diplomatic cables, has halted publication, saying that it's been under attack from US financial institutions.

In a charming walk-and-talk through several scenic locales, founder Julian Assange said the site was fighting a "politically motivated banking blockade led by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Western Union and the Bank of America".

He said the blockade left WikiLeaks with just "5 per cent of our finanical lifeline".

"We cannot permit these banks to control our lives, and that is why he have decided to throw all our efforts into fighting these corrupt financial institutions," Assange said. He also promised that WikiLeaks has "thousands of pending revelations".

The WikiLeaks 'cablegate' scandal kicked off nearly a year ago, when it began releasing 250,000 classified cables sent from American embassies. The leaked files revealed that Google was hacked by China, among many other things.

While the leaks were a'flowin', WikiLeaks' website was hit by denial of service attacks and booted off Amazon's servers, with the book-flogging Web giant saying the whisteblower site was breaking its terms of use. A WikiLeaks app was given the boot by Apple.

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