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WikiLeaks removed from Aussie blacklist

Australian Communications and Media Authority says probe into specific complaints failed to turn up prohibited content on the controversial WikiLeaks site.

No parts of whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks are now on the Australian blacklist of banned Web sites, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

In March 2009 the ACMA revealed that a number of pages on WikiLeaks were put on the blacklist of banned Web sites because the pages linked to Web sites on Denmark's blacklist.

However, the ACMA today revealed that WikiLeaks was no longer on its blacklist of Web sites.

"Currently, the ACMA list of prohibited URLs that is notified to accredited filter providers does not contain any URLs within the WikiLeaks Web site," the ACMA told ZDNet Australia in a statement. "Since April 2010, the ACMA has investigated two complaints about specific pages of content on the WikiLeaks Web site, which both resolved to content found to be not prohibited."

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