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WikiFM glues to Wikipedia artist biographies

The WikiFM project allows users to automatically view Wikipedia artist biographic information alongside a music player.

Photo of WikiFM browser window.
In case you forgot the names of all four Monkees, WikiFM automatically puts artist bio information side-by-side with your Last.FM player. WikiFM

Ever catch yourself hearing a new band on, then popping open a new browser tab to look them up? WikiFM saves you a step by creating a two-frame page that keeps your online radio player on one side, and an automatically populated Wikipedia biography page in the other.

The advantage of viewing Wikipedia's artist biographies over's puny artist pages is the sheer depth of information (Tom Jones was born in Pontypridd, Wales?). The WikiFM page layout isn't the most elegant treatment we've seen (we've got FoxyTunes for that), but sometimes a blunt tool is all you need.

The player embedded in the WikiFM's left browser pane lets you plug in any username or call up an artist, tag, group, or specific page of your choice. If you give it a try, come back and fill us in on a random band factoid in the comments section.

(via Listening Post)