Wiki helps you plug in at airports

Tech Culture

Wikis may face an uncertain future where profits are concerned, but by no means does that cast doubt on their usefulness. Case in point: Jeff Sandquist's AirPower Wiki.

Until battery issues are resolved--and until airline schedules become more reliable, if that's possible--practically everyone will likely find a need for such a wiki at some point to plug in the laptops and various devices that run our lives. So it may behoove all of us to contribute to the collaborative resource, which has just gotten off the ground. (Apologies for the pun.)

The AirPower Wiki is also a prime candidate for a mashup, which could even include layouts of airport terminals if people were so ambitious. (Already, one of the contributors is suggesting a combination with Plazes, which automatically tracks your location.) And given the persistent obstacles to municipal Wi-Fi coverage, the occasional hunt for both electrical outlets and phone jacks may be with us for some time.

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