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WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

Rounding up the WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for the week of 6/2.

Two new WiiWare titles this week along with some classic ninja fighting on the Virtual Console

Virtual Console

  • Ninja Combat (1990, NeoGeo, 900 Wii points): Ninja Combat is a side-scrolling action game that puts you against an evil ninja clan known as the Kage Ichizoku. Fight solo or side-by-side with a friend through numerous stages until you reach Ninja Tower.


  • Protöthea (Ubisoft, 1,000 Wii points): Protöthea is a top-down scrolling shooter that blends classic game elements with those of the new Wii controls. This single-player game will have you blasting your way through 10 missions in all.

  • Toki Tori (Two Tribes, 1,000 Wii points): Toki Tori is a platforming puzzle game where you'll use your special moves to get through the 70+ levels the title has to offer. Add a second player who can draw hints onscreen to help you complete each puzzle.

What games do you think are missing from the Wii virtual console? Sound off here!