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WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

Rounding up the WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for the week of 3/2.

This week brings us an interactive board game for the whole family and a turn-based fantasy game from the Super Nintendo.
  • Family & Friends Party (Gammick Entertainment, 1,000 Wii points): Up to eight people can play along in this interactive board game. Compete in single challenges or events that require multiple simultaneous players.

    Virtual Console
  • Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (1993, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii points): Take down the evil Empire in this turn-based strategy game. It's your duty to lead a group of rebels to destroy the Zetegenian using magic weapons and Tarot cards.

What games do you think are missing from the Wii Virtual Console? Sound off at our discussion board!