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Wii virtual console releases for this week--importers rejoice

Rounding up the new virtual console releases for the week of 10/1.

Straying away from the typical trio of releases, Nintendo today has unveiled just two new virtual console games for the week. Previously available only as imports, these titles carry jacked-up prices.

  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986, NES, 600 Wii points)--We got a vegetable-yanking game and Japan got the true sequel--and unless you played Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, this will be the first time you're exposed to Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, the true Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • Sin and Punishment (2000, Nintendo 64, 1,200 Wii points)--This on-rails shooter may be a short-lived adventure, but for what it lacks in length it makes up with nonstop action and engaging story.