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Wii Mini gets a price, yours for £80

The stripped-down console will hit the UK on 22 March, and was previously only available in Canada.

The Wii Mini has a price. Just yesterday came news Nintendo will release its stripped-down console in the UK on 22 March, but it kept schtum on how much it'd cost. Well now we know: £80.

Both Game and Amazon have the console up for pre-order for that price, while ShopTo is asking for a fiver more. That means the Mini is around £40-50 cheaper than the original Wii, and about £160 less than the most affordable Wii U pack.

The console was previously only available in Canada. As well as being more affordable than the Wii, it's much smaller, and has a black matte finish with a red border. You can play old Wii games on it, but not those from your ancient GameCube, as you can on the standard Wii. That's not the only limitation either. It won't connect to the Internet, so you won't be able to compete online, upload your scores, or buy anything from the Wii Shop. There's no SD card slot either, and it only has one USB port.

£80 is bound to be a lot cheaper than either the PS4 or next Xbox. While the Wii Mini's seven-year-old graphics aren't going to match what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves, it does boast a back catalogue of well over 1,000 titles. And it's games that make the console, not a load of willy-waving specs. Anyway, the gameplay of most Wii titles shames a hell of a lot of the me-too first-person shooters on newer consoles, in my opinion.

The Wii U hasn't made much of an impact so far. Despite its poor sales, Nintendo has said it won't drop the price. If you're looking for some console fun but don't want to break the bank, the Wii Mini could well be worth a look.

Will you buy one? Is £80 still too expensive? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.