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Wii is best of E3 (yeah, E3 was in May)

Wii is best of E3 (yeah, E3 was in May)

Video game critics who just got the ringing out of their ears and the alcohol out of their systems and who just shook off the strobe-induced seizures have finally gotten around to awarding their best of E3 awards. And in case the hours-long lines weren't a tip-off, the Game Critics Award for "best hardware" goes to the Nintendo Wii. EA's Spore, which lets you evolve a creature from the cell stage all the way through universal domination, took home all the big game awards. It's probably because Robin Williams showed up at E3 and created a big, freaky, mutant spore on the show floor. Or, possibly, was a big, freaky mutant spore on the show floor. Reports are still sketchy on that one.