Wii Fit Plus tries to juice it up

Building on its popular Wii Fit game, Nintendo will release an expanded version with new games, exercises, challenges, and options for customizing workouts.


Tired of working out to the same exercises on the Wii Fit? A new version is designed to offer a fresh batch of challenges.

The latest edition, dubbed Wii Fit Plus, will offer new exercises, yoga activities, and balance games, the company said late Monday.

Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus
Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus Nintendo

People will be able to customize their workouts by choosing the amount of time to spend on a specific exercise. Wii users will also be able to select an area for improvement, and the Wii Fit Plus will suggest various activities to help.

The Wii Fit Plus will offer 15 new balance games and 6 new strength and yoga activities. Two of the games, Skateboarding and Rhythm Kung Fu, will use the Wii's balance board in new ways, Nintendo said.

Other challenges in the Wii Fit Plus include running an obstacle course, traveling across a beach on a Segway, and flapping your arms to help characters in chicken suits aim for targets.

Exercise buffs will be able to see how many calories they've burned. And if your cats or dogs needs to get in shape, Nintendo said they can check their weight on the balance board using the Wii Fit Plus.

Available October 4, the new Wii Fit Plus comes bundled with the balance board for $99. Existing Wii Fit owners can buy a Wii Fit Plus upgrade CD for $19.95. Wii Fit has had strong sales since its debut last year.

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