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Wii Fit for Valentine's Day: It's ok. Really.

Molly Wood tells you why getting a Wii Fit for Valentine's Day shouldn't send you running for the divorce lawyer.

I got the Wii Fit for Valentine's Day. And yes, I know that the Wii Fit is verboten as a Valentine's Day gift, and is in the same category as like, sugar-free candy or the 30 Day Shred DVD (which, by the way, is a fat-burning miracle). But here's the thing: my husband isn't trying to tell me I'm fat. He just knows I want a Wii fit. Therefore, I am happy that I got a Wii Fit. It's fun. Can we please, ladies with geek leanings, please try to get the message out there that fun is fun, and the Wii Fit is fun, and not some sort of insult that just shows how men just do not understand?

OK, maybe it's not the top Valentine's Day gift idea for the general population (I've got a long history of getting practical, geeky gifts for V-Day, like a VCR and, one year, a self-scooping litter box--it's kind of our thing). But I've seen hints that women are planning to get offended by receiving the Wii Fit for Christmas or birthdays, too. That's just silly. If you're not in an emotionally unhealthy relationship, like the kind where your significant other mocks your weight or otherwise belittles your appearance, then what's wrong with bringing a little Wii Fit into your lives? It's fun, it's a good little gateway drug to overall health and fitness, and if you want it, you should be happy to receive it, whatever the occasion. Odds are that your husband just loves you and wants to get you something that's fun and good for you and a little more original than a heart-shaped necklace from Kay Jewelers (ew). Odds are, too, that he went to quite a lot of trouble to find one of the damn things, especially one that doesn't come as an overpriced bundle. Just say thanks, open it up, and try to see who can dodge more flying panda heads. It's surprisingly romantic.