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'Wii Fit' for Mother's Day gift? You shouldn't have

It may not send the right message.

The Wii Fit, when it made its debut last year: There was no mention of moms in the demo. Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

If this report is true, then some marketing executives are even more out of touch with reality than we thought. And that's saying a lot.

According to Reuters, Wal-Mart is planning to make a huge push for the Wii Fit as "a perfect gift" for Mother's Day, splashing promotions for the game across its Web site this weekend. We won't even get into the fact that the holiday falls on May 11 this year, more than a week before the game is even available on the U.S. market. Rather, as always, it's the thought that counts--and in this case, it might be one that's gone badly awry.

Do you sign the card, "Dear Mom: Hope you lose weight"? You might as well go all out and get her a scale to go with it. If you really must go there, at least consider including a "Wii Party Station" to soften the blow.