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Wicked online cash grab out of Tiger Woods scandal

A Yahoo Sports editorial about Tiger Woods' marital and image woes is adorned by a web ad from the Professional Golf Association offering to reveal Phil Mickleson's secrets.

I am consumed, as I am sure all imperfect beings are, by the furor surrounding Tiger Woods' sudden and somewhat vertical descent from his image pedestal.

There will be those who will have much sympathy with his plight, as there will be those who will have none.

However, I was reading a quite brilliant editorial on Yahoo Sports offered by Dan Wetzel.

I was fully absorbed by Wetzel's strong, persuasive arguments that Woods should really not bleat about the tabloid world, when my right eye was drawn to an ad from the Professional Golfers Association. I immediately took a shot of it, because, well, please look at it.

Chris Matyszczyk

Some clever word-associating media planner or algorithmic program has managed to juxtapose this article about revelations in the life of Woods with an offer from the Professional Golfers Association to reveal the secrets of Woods' great rival, Phil Mickelson.

His, um, golfing secrets, as far as one can judge.

This touching coincidence approaches the poignancy of the Twitter billboard seen recently in Mobile, Ala. And one wonders how quickly anyone will notice that perhaps this is not in the finest of tastes, especially as it is coming from an organization that makes quite a lot of money from Woods' exertions.

As I am typing this sentence, the "Phil's Secrets Revealed" ad has moved on. One wonders just how quickly it will return.