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Wi-Fi remote plays music, browses Web

More evidence of the growing addiction to the remote control.


It's been well documented in this space that people have become increasingly addicted to their remotes, but the problem is reaching pandemic proportions. Not only do they want to take it with them all at times and under any weather conditions, but apparently they also want it to take over every digital function in their lives.

Nothing exemplifies this trend more than tvCompass, which has developed a Wi-Fi remote that can browse the Web on its 2.2-inch cell-phone-style LCD, according to Dvice. In addition to controlling up to 24 devices, the SR 1500 Digital Media Remote even has "hot keys" for real-time information feeds and a speaker "to hear alerts and play back digital audio." It also has a built-in Wi-Fi locater so that, we suppose, you can walk around the house looking for hot spots.

Let's get this straight: So this is a multimedia device that plays music and browses the Web. The obvious question is, naturally, does it come with a remote?