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Wi-Fi-enabled Archos 604 finally arrives to market (and our office!)

Archos set to officially announce the 30GB 604 WiFi

CNET Networks

Thursday, Archos will officially announce the arrival of the 30GB 604 WiFi, the industry's first and "only wireless portable video player" (actually, Archos' own PMA430 was the first Wi-Fi-enabled PVP).

The highly sought-after digital swiss army knife is one of several A-list portable media gadgets to enter the holiday game just under the wire. Still to come: the Zune, Cowon's A3, Philips' PMC, and maybe even a video iPod.

Nearly identical to the excellent 30GB 604 (shown in photo) in form--same removable battery, same ginormous 4.3-inch widescreen, same video playback prowess--the 604 WiFi adds a touchscreen, built-in wireless connectivity, and the Opera browser. The costly PVP ($500) is a gadget monger's dream--on paper.

We just got the baby in for a test drive and our early impressions are that the processor seems a bit out of breath; Web browsing is neat but controls take some acclimation; and a touchscreen 604 is hot! Look out for our full review of this wonder device Thursday evening.