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Wi-Ex shows new cell phone signal boosters

At CTIA, Wi-EX unveiled two new devices for boosting your cell phone's signal.

The zBoost One has a compact design. Wi-Ex

Wi-Ex, the manufacturer of the zBoost line of cell phone signal boosters, announced two new products at CTIA.

Though we didn't get the chance to check them out while in Las Vegas, we can pass on the details.

The zBoost One is the company's first one-piece signal booster. It promises an easy setup process that consists of just plugging it in and syncing it to your phone. It's compatible with the 1900 CDMA and GSM band for both phones and data cards.

At $249, it still isn't cheap and you'll need to find a suitable location in your home or office (near a window is best).

The zBoost International is for use abroad. Wi-Ex

The zBoost International is designed for users outside North America. It's compatible with the 900 and 1900 GSM bands, which are the standard in Europe (North American carriers use the 850 and 1900 bands). It promises a range of 200 meters (656 feet) and will also work for voice and data.

Though the setup involves more parts, you should have more freedom to place it around your house. The zBoost International is $499.