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Why your Samsung TV is spying on you in CNET UK podcast 421

Gadgets have ears, Spider-Man is swinging into the Marvel movie universe, and we catch up with Android alternatives Ubuntu, Firefox and Tizen.

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The walls have ears! Your Samsung TV is eavesdropping on your conversation and your Apple Watch is constantly monitoring how active you are, ready to nag you into exercising.

Samsung Smart TVs listen out for voice commands, but there was outrage this week when it emerged the data could also be sent to third parties. But we've got your back: here's how to switch off this interesting "feature".

Apple boss Tim Cook outlined how the Apple Watch will remind you to move around if you've been sitting for too long. Cook says "sitting is the new cancer" and he could be right -- sitting for a long time hugely increases your risk of diabetes and heart trouble.

In better news, Spider-Man is joining forces with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe. And we checked out the stunningly detailed props and costumes of in a new exhibition.

Plus, we catch up with the Android alternatives Ubuntu, Firefox and Tizen as the first Ubuntu phone arrives in a novel .

Hit play on the video and enjoy!

Why your Samsung TV is spying on you in CNET UK podcast 421

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After that, we hear from you in our feedback section, in which we share our favourite pubs in case you're ever in our neck of woods. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below.

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