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Why would anyone buy a Lego cell phone?

Pictures have emerged of a cell phone from Alcatel that appears to be made out of Lego.

It is Friday the 13th. So here is something that might shake your serotonin.

Yes, a Lego cell phone, possibly made by Alcatel.

Well, it certainly appears to be a cell phone made of Lego. With interlocking colored pieces that perhaps were once a knife or a revolver or whatever it is that kids make out of cute Danish plastic.

These strange images have emerged on the web and may or may not be part of Alcatel's attempt to entice those who, um, don't speak very well.

I have no reason to think that this man was associated with the Lego cell phone design team. CC Jurvetson

Now you won't get me to speculate whether the batteries might explode a little more readilywhen the phone is made of colored kiddie plastic. But I know there are some who might.

And perhaps there are also some who might think that the world is beyond hallucination and we should all buy our own lifeboats and paddle to the Turks and Caicos Islands.