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Why the iPhone 4 is the greatest iPhone ever

Adventures in Tech explains why Apple's fourth smart phone is its best mobile ever.

The iPhone 4 is the best iPhone ever. Ever, y'hear? In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech, we explain why Apple's fourth mobile is the best it's ever built -- hit play on the video below to hear our reasoning.


The retina display. The lightning-fast A4 chip. A stunning new design and -- at last -- a front-facing camera. The iPhone 4's hardware alone was enough to put it leagues ahead of its rivals, but there are plenty of other reasons to crown this 3.5-inch marvel king of the iPhones. Click play now to learn more.

The iPhone 4 is a survivor -- managing to sell like hot cakes despite an antenna-related scandal -- and also boasted incredible longevity. This glass-and-steel successor to the iPhone 3GS made its debut in June 2010 (I remember, I was there), and remained on sale until September this year. To hear more about this plucky mobile's surprising lifespan, you'll have to click play.

A better time?

The iPhone 4 was a stunning device, there can be no doubt, and it's enduring popularity helped it survive -- but helping it to be crowned best iPhone ever is a general lack of effort from every iPhone since.

After the glut of new hardware and features that the iPhone 4 introduced, the almost-identical iPhone 4S (which arrived a whole 15 months later), was never going to capture our imaginations in the same way.

Since then, Apple has opted for modest upgrades and minor tweaks to its popular mobile, even as major-rival Samsung experiments with bigger and bigger devices, or quirky curved screens. To learn why the iPhone 4 represents the pinnacle of the iPhone adventure, you'll need to -- you guessed it -- press play.

Watch the video, then let us know which iPhone is your favourite, and whether you agree that the iPhone 4 is top of the heap. Stick your thoughts in the comments, let me know on Twitter or sound off via our Facebook wall, and check back in two weeks' time for another Adventures in Tech!