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Why is Sun repackaging old news?

Sun duped me with a repackaging of an old press release.

I was going to write something up about this announcement "Sun Microsystems and Intel Break Million-Messages-per Second Barrier for Thomson Reuters Market Data System" and relate it to how Twitter could leverage some design principles from financial services for scalability.

Then I clicked on the link to the Sun webpage for FinServ only to find out they had announced nearly the same exact thing two years ago.

A million-messages-per-second is still very impressive, but this is hardly news. Where is all the news about Sun's SOA, Cloud, or MySQL efforts?

The fine folks at Sun's financial services group have provided some clarity on the two RMDS benchmark announcements.

We should have articulated more clearly the differences between the two benchmark results. If we used the exact same configuration for the old benchmark, we have actually broken 3.05 million-messages-per second. This information was buried in the bullet points in our press release.

Our new benchmark with the one-million-messages-per second result was actually based on a different product--Source Distributor--that is under the same RMDS product suite. Sun and Intel was actually the first platform to have broken the one-million-messages-per second benchmark for the Source Distributor product. This information was also buried in the bullet points in our press release.