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Why iOS 8 is the next step in Apple's master plan

iOS 8 appears to show Apple taking a more relaxed, open approach, but in fact the new software paves the way for even more control. CNET's Adventures in Tech explains how.

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Open. Relaxed. Compromising. These are words you might easily have applied to Apple, having watched it unveil iOS 8 , the next version of its iPhone and iPad software, earlier this month.

With extensions letting apps talk to each other and third-party keyboards getting the Cupertino thumbs-up, it seems as if Tim Cook and pals are ready to install a few gates in their famous walled garden. But in fact iOS 8 lays the groundwork for Apple to take even more control. Hit play to find out how.

In the latest episode of CNET's Adventures in Tech you'll hear how iOS 8 makes it possible for Apple to gain control over your home, health and more -- and how becoming a gatekeeper to these new industries could ultimately make Apple a lot of extra cash.

Although the Californian company is aggressively pushing its way into new industries, the move is also a defensive one. Apple "has to take a leading role in these segments to avoid the risk of marginalization by Google and others," according to Geoff Blaber, a mobile expert at CCS Insight.

What do you think Apple is planning next? Press play now, then tell me your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook wall, or let me know on Twitter.

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