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Why hasn't Oracle bought anyone (or everyone) yet?

Oracle has been big in the M&A game. Why is it playing coy now?

Come on! We're a few months into this market meltdown, and Oracle still hasn't bought anyone. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was happy to buy the planet when priced at a premium, but now that there are Blue Light specials on every aisle...? Nothing.

Red Hat just dipped below $2 billion. Novell is under $1.5 billion. And that's just the Linux companies.

How about applications? Oracle has failed to make much of a dent on the Enterprise Content Management market, so why not buy Open Text? It can be had for $1.5 billion. Or why not pick up a winning storage (and ECM) business like EMC for a mere $20 billion?

Yes, Oracle's stock price has been hit by the market downturn, but Oracle is at the top of its game, and it has billions of dollars in cash. I'm surprised it hasn't sunk its teeth into a range of companies by now. Perhaps it's just waiting for good deals to become outrageously good deals?