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Why does stepping on a Lego brick hurt so darn much? Science!

This video can't erase your pain, but it can help you understand why such a tiny innocent toy packs such a big punch.

We've all done it. Even sharks know the exquisite pain of stepping unexpectedly on a Lego brick and feeling the agony that shoots up through your body. There are even special slippers to protect our feet from Lego-specific pain. Why are such sweet, fun little playthings out to kill us?

An interesting video posted on Saturday from Simon Whistler at the Today I Found Out YouTube channel delves into this very problem.

"As anyone who's done it knows, stepping on a Lego block is something akin to being shot in the foot by a knife soaked in bullet-ant venom," Whistler says. Pretty apt comparison, we say.

But if you've never before broken down the reasons why Lego pain is so off-the-charts obnoxious, the video is an eye-opener. First off, Whistler points out that the soles of the feet are insanely sensitive, and that there are enough Lego bricks in the world to give every person on Earth 83 bricks each.

"So you're bound to come in contact with one and unlike sharp objects, people aren't as careful to keep off the floor, and often, that's where kids are playing with them," Whistler notes.

Sure, all that sounds pretty self-explanatory, but then the video starts digging into the science, including the newtons of force a brick can be subjected to before deforming, and why it's worse to step on a Lego brick on a tile, rather than carpeted floor. Give the video a watch and learn more than you ever expected to know about the pain that just won't leggo.