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Why Carly's been dissed

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Why dis Fiorina?":

I totally agree with your comment that Carly Fiorina does yet not have the deserved respect. But I am writing you to try to answer your question as to why she has failed to receive more credit.

I track Hewlett-Packard as an industry analyst and remember Fiorina's attitude as junior CEO. She was annoyingly controlling and egocentric when dealing with her own employees. I believe that Fiorina has matured quite a lot in the last three years as a CEO.

It is going to take a while until she is fully respected and admired, but I believe that she will receive her credits. Her past credibility problems have nothing to do with gender bias. My understanding is that she faced problems because she was a "foreigner" (coming from Lucent Technologies), and was understandably immature (as a CEO) in the beginning of her tenure.

Humberto Andrade
Hampton, N.H.