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Why Apple dumped Google Maps

Apple took maps in a new direction over a voice-navigation spat, Facebook partners with Dropbox, and the networks want you to use Zeebox.

Thursday's CNET Update hit a fork in the road:

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You've seen the mockery over Apple's new map app and how it will sometimes give users wrong information. But a report from All Things Digital is shedding some light on why Apple cut off Google, even if Apple's maps were not perfected. In short,it comes down to voice navigation, which has been included on Android phones for years. Apple wanted it, and Google wanted to keep that perk for Android. Google may have been open to negotiating (it wanted Google branding on the app) but Apple shot down any such ideas, according to the story.

So Apple moved quickly with its own creation and parted with Google. Thing is, Google's been perfecting its maps for seven years. Apple's just getting started. And one early survey shows that user satisfaction is down for iOS 6 compared to previous upgrades. What's your take on Apple's iOS 6 maps? Vote in the poll in our interactive video player above. You can also write your thoughts in the comments or post a video reply using Tout.

In other news:

- Facebook groups can now share files using Dropbox.

- Nintendo announced that 23 Wii U games will be available when the new system launches on November 18.

- The Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies is now available to play.

- And get ready to see the Zeebox app promoted during TV shows. The social TV app is now available for the U.S. as is backed by some major broadcasters, including NBCUniversal, HBO and Cinemax.


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