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Whovians: Bake a pudding brain cake in time for Halloween

All you pudding brains who have been keeping up with the latest season of "Doctor Who" can make your very own pudding brain for All Hallows' Eve.

The 12th Doctor in the BBC's "Doctor Who" believes that all humans are pudding brains. What better way to embrace his opinion than by creating your very own pudding brain for Halloween?

The pudding brains at the BBC have released the official pudding brain cake recipe, as well as detailed video instructions for assembling the treat. Assuming our pudding brains can manage to direct us through reading the recipe, watching the video, stumbling around our kitchens and mixing together the right ingredients in the right order, we may find ourselves gobbling up a pudding brain cake.

Of course, the BBC's recipe has the ingredients measured in grams, so us pudding brains in the US will need to convert them into units of measurement we understand. But it's probably worth the effort if you want to impress your pudding-brained friends.

Don't you want to shove this pudding brain cake in your mouth? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET