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Who's Linux? Video contest says all of us

The Linux Foundation wants people to express their passion for Linux through video. It is running a "We're Linux" video contest. Grand prize includes a trip to Tokyo.

The Linux Foundation is running a "We're Linux" video contest, asking participants to create videos that "demonstrate what Linux means to those who use it and inspire others to try it."

The contest started on January 26, and submissions will be accepted until midnight on March 15. The grand prize? A trip to Tokyo, Japan, to join the Linux Foundation's Japanese Linux Symposium.

I'm a judge for the contest, and I'm really excited. Linux has arguably been the flagship and beacon for open source in the enterprise, paving the way for open-source entrepreneurs like myself to make a living by giving software away.

Yet it's the passion underlying Linux and the open-source movement that makes my job so much fun, and it fuels my desire to wake up every morning at or before 6 a,.m. to write posts for this blog. I expect that the passion will permeate the contest's submissions, making it perhaps the most enjoyable contest I've ever judged.

If you love Linux and would like to see more people feel your enthusiasm for it, please consider creating and submitting your video to the "We're Linux" Linux Foundation contest.