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Who would Microsoft sue? Pirates. Arrrr....!

Microsoft is suing a bunch of software pirates. Good for them.

Microsoft has gone on the offensive against software piracy, launching 52 lawsuits against alleged pirates in China, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US, among other places. This is provable, apparently real piracy, not the patent FUD the company has tossed around in the last year or so.

It also might be a coordinated syndicate behind the piracy, as CNET reports:

Microsoft noted that in 15 of the 52 cases, the software involved could allegedly be traced to a massive commercial counterfeit syndicate that Chinese authorities and the FBI broke up this summer. Most of the alleged illicit sales were conducted through e-commerce sites.

This sort of piracy absolutely should be stamped out. Of course, were Microsoft simply to adopt the open source model, it wouldn't need to worry about piracy. It might not have billions in profits each quarter, either, so I'm assuming it's a trade-off that it's willing to make. :-)