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Who wins in this Thor vs. Superman supersuit smackdown?

A new infographic pits DC superheroes and villains against Marvel good guys and bad guys -- in terms of couture, at least.

Superman might have heat vision and Thor, that hammer of his, but in this contest, it's the clothes that make the men. PicClick

I always wondered who'd win in a Superman versus Thor battle, as they both seem so indestructible. But the folks over at PicClick, a website that provides search results from a variety of e-commerce sites in a visual format, had a different thought about the Asgardian and the Kryptonian. They wondered which would win if the two had to battle it out based solely on their costumes.

And they didn't only want to know how those two representatives of the top comic houses stacked up in terms of garb, but they wanted to find out how all of the heroes and villains from DC Comics would do clothing-wise when compared with Marvel's stable.

So they paired up (and sometimes put in groups of three) some good guys and bad guys from Marvel and DC that they felt were similar (Deadshot and Bullseye, for example). Then they asked 1,000 people chosen at random to vote on their favorites. The blow-by-blow results can be found in the colorful infographic below with the overall winner of the costume competition found at the bottom. (C'mon, you didn't think I was going to spoil it for you, did you?)

My favorite part of the infographic is the top section, where the researchers detail their costume findings after examining a group of heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel. Interestingly, the top colors for heroes were blue, red, and yellow for both comic kings, while purple and black got high marks for the villains in both universes.

I was surprised that the number of caped superheroes in the Marvel world wasn't higher than 12 percent. And I wouldn't have thought so many of their villains (a whopping 48 percent) were bald. What do you have against bald guys, Marvel?

There's also a cool composite image of what a hero and villain bearing all the top traits would look like from both Marvel and DC. Now that would be a really cool smackdown, don't you think? Lex Joker Al Ghul versus Spiderine America. Summer blockbuster 2023, here we come!