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Who says lunch can't be hot and steamy?

The USB LunchBox Warmer from Brando keeps your lunch piping hot, and ready to eat at a moment's notice.


Those of you who've adopted frugality during this recession know that packing a lunch is one of the best ways to cut down on spending. But waiting in line to use the microwave, washing your Tupperware out, and having your lunch stolen from the company refrigerator can make saving a few dollars everyday quite inconvenient.

The USB LunchBox Warmer, by the Hong Kong-based company Brando, keeps your leftovers and homemade lunches toasty hot. Just plug it in to your computer--which acts a power source--via the included USB cable and you're ready to eat a piping hot meal at a moment's notice. Not near a computer? Switch out the cable for the included AC adapter.

Like the similar device from Thanko, the lunch box keeps your meal at a steamy 122 degrees Fahrenheit and continues insulating once it's unplugged. Thanko's version isn't available in the U.S., so when I found out that Brando was selling this at $30 (with only $3 shipping), I took a moment to rejoice.

I'm a little reluctant about buying this, though. What kind of technology are they using anyhow? It took us years to accept the fact that microwaves don't cause cancer, so I'm wondering if this product is radiation-free. I'd definitely read the fine print before using.