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Who said TV-B-Gone users are 'snotty holier-than-thou types'?

Hint: It wasn't the 'New York Times.'

In this case, I agree. Gizmodo

I'm tired of Gizmodogate. I've made my position known on the use of TV-B-Gones to play pranks on CES exhibitors. Not everyone agrees with me. I'm OK with that, and I'm ready to move on. But the story keeps getting weirder. The latest update is a blog post from Gizmodo editor Brian Lam that says, "Our prank pays homage to the notion of independence and independent reporting."

It was independent, all right. Independent even from Gizmodo's own scathing review of the TV-B-Gone. In 2004, the site published a piece saying that the inventor of the device was, " asshole. And not just any asshole, but one of those snotty holier-than-thou types who has nothing better to do...than to develop a device with the sole purpose of imposing his viewpoint on others."

So which is it, Gizmodo? Indpendent, or... ?

See also: Robert Scoble's diatribe, Gizmodo on Integrity.

I have asked Mr. Lam for a comment. If I get one I will run it here.