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Who needs matching appliances when your counter is the appliance?

Wolf appliance's new integrated modules revolutionize the look of countertops by integrating recessed induction cooktops, fryers, and grills in the same condensed space.

Picture shows a set including the steamer and cooktop modules. Wolf Appliances

Let me paint a picture for you: you're in the mood for a burger and some French fries. The health nut in you insists that you include some steamed broccoli too. So you squat on your kitchen floor and set to the task of rooting through your bottom cabinet in search of the antiquated hand-me-down appliances that you're going to need to make your perfect meal happen.

First, you grab the fryer. Granted, it may have remnants of last year's deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey experiment and the residual oil slick on the outer edges may make it a bit hard to grip, but there's no better way to fry a potato than in your trusty countertop frying vat. Next, you grab your steamer, if you're able to find all of the parts that go into it. Also, since this is dinner for one, there's no point in firing up the charcoal grill outside. Why not use the electric miniature grill for your burger and bun? Finally, seeing as how your favorite part of the burger is the neat little pile of grilled onions on it, you reach for a saute pan.

It's not a stretch to imagine how easily this multiappliance meal can turn into one big mess, both in the cleanup and in the "I don't have enough hands to operate four stations at once" department. Thankfully, someone has had the good sense to save us a little bit of cleanup and a whole lot of cabinet space.

Wolf Appliances have developed a line of kitchen appliances that they call "Integrated Modules." With the module design, you can pick and choose exactly what you want from their line of options, and install them side-by-side right into your countertop. You can choose to install two, three, or four of your choice from a list that includes an electric cooktop, gas cooktop, grill, steamer, fryer, multifunction surface, and an induction cooktop. All of them are a compact 15 inches, and are designed to more or less recess into your counter. They also have digital temperature controls, clearly more efficient than my current "eyeball it" method of gas flame control.

Now you have a fully customizable, digitally controllable, and conveniently reachable set of appliances. Oh, and easily cleanable too!

Check out the integrated module line here.