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Who needs Ferris Bueller? Super Bowl ad touts entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Foundation funds a 30-second spot that highlights the contributions to society of the "star athletes of the economy."

The Kauffman Foundation is running a Super Bowl ad that will promote entrepreneurship and celebrate the 'star athletes of the economy.' Screenshot by CNET

While everyone has already worked up a lather about the Ferris Bueller Honda Super Bowl ad, those interested in starting their own companies might have reason to get a little more excited about an altogether different ad during the big game.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation said today that it plans to run a 30-second spot (see video below) during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots that will celebrate entrepreneurs, the "star athletes of the economy." The ad is intended to inspire "the next great entrepreneurs to take action," according to a release about the ad.

The ad is part of the Kauffman Foundation's "Will it be you?" campaign, which is all about providing would-be entrepreneurs "with resources to help them get their plans moving--whether they are seeking inspiration, mentoring, networking, or other assistance."

One might think that because Super Bowl ad slots can be ruinously expensive, the money being forked over by the Kauffman Foundation would have been better spent on the entrepreneurs it wants to help. But the foundation told CNET that because the ad is only running in a few selected media markets--New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Kansas City--it is very cost-effective. In particular, that's because the foundation had the (entrepreneurial?) foresight to buy the ad time in New York before the Giants qualified for the NFL's championship game.

According to a statement provided to CNET, the foundation decided to run the ad "because jobs and economic growth are the central issues of the day. [The foundation wants] to both promote the benefits of new businesses to the economy, as well as inspire would-be entrepreneurs to take action, create jobs, and drive innovation."