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Who needs dating sites? Get a dog

SNIF tags form canine-based social network.


This invention reminds us that certain species in the animal kingdom, such as pandas, sometimes require artificial encouragement to begin their mating ritual--and that humans need a little help in this department from time to time as well.

The "SNIF Tag System," according to Gadgetell, not only tracks a dog's whereabouts but also stores information about the pet and its owners that can be traded to create a kind of canine social network. It's created by SNIF Labs, after all, which stands for "Social Networking in Fur."

"When you get home, all the information from your dog's Tag is uploaded onto the SNIF Web portal. Log in and you'll find all the puppy profiles of the dogs you and your pet have met. When two owners become friends just like their dogs, their personal human profiles become visible to one another," according to SNIF. We're not going to comment further, because anything we'd say would will sound obscene.