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Who needs a tripod? Get a nylon bag

Just fill it with sand and, voila, instant stabilization

This falls under our definition of a feel-good item, but probably not in the way you might think. It has nothing to do with tugging heartstrings; it just makes us feel good because it's evidence that we're not the only clueless people in the world.

You'd think that tripods would be among the easier photographic accessories to use, yet some of us are still confounded by them. Finally, there's something that even we can handle: the "Camera Stabilising Bag" (that's "stabilising" with an "s," not a "z," because its British). No screws, levers or tricky angles here--just plop your camera into the nylon sack, which U.K. retailer Boys Stuff cheerily suggests you can fill with "sand, dirt, rice--anything!"

Sure, you could probably get the same thing out of a burlap sack, but that might slightly tarnish your carefully cultivated image as the next Avedon. Besides, it's still better than the uber-dorky "Quik Pod."