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Who is The VAR Guy?

The VAR Guy turns out to be a great guy, though not of mythical proportions.

I will admit it: I've long admired The VAR Guy's blog. It's one of the first (and last) open-source resources I read each day. It's insightful and opinionated, and generally quite smart. He was the next incarnation of the Fake Steve Jobs (minus the bilious attitude :-).

Today I got to meet him in person, along with his beautiful wife ("The VAR Lady"?). It turns out that The VAR Guy is an entrepreneur as well as a great blogger/journalist.

The VAR Guy (I can't bear to use his real name - it's like telling one's kids that Santa is actually Uncle Clark) made a great point in the midst of our conversation: "News is a commodity. If you're not adding opinion and personal perspective to it, who cares?"

I guess that's why I find blogs and op-ed pieces so much more interesting than straight news....

At any rate, if you don't read The VAR Guy's blog already, do so. Now.