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Who doesn't need a USB lighter?

'Memlite' is for those times when you must store data while smoking.


Even with all the useless items Crave encounters routinely, this has got to be one of the sillier examples. Which is why we feel compelled to write about it, of course.

It's a USB lighter. That's right, a flash drive that you can also use to fire up a stogie (or whatever). The German-made "Memlite," as it's called, has a 512MB memory key that pops out of this unlikely combo gadget for those frequent times when you just have to store some digital data while getting a smoke. As Everything USB notes, it's unclear what kind of lighter fluid or gas is required to secure a flame, but we'd rather not think about the consequences of handling flammable liquids around a laptop with a battery that's on the verge of melting.

We won't get all preachy about the evils of cigarettes, but we will say that there's more than one way to relax at the computer. You might consider, for example, some USB aromatherapy.