Who deserves database bragging rights?



Who deserves database bragging rights?

In response to the May 3 Soapbox column by Philip Russom, "Elephant graveyard's new management":

Philip Russom cautions that IBM's acquisition of Informix Software presents as many problems as it does promises.

He and I have different opinions about the acquisition. Rather than debate those differences, though, let's focus on the last line of the column:

"But let's hope that managing Informix's elephant graveyard doesn't prevent IBM from trouncing Oracle."

Rather than arguing over words, let's see if the UniVerse database can trounce Oracle. You pick a team of three people and the Informix-mv group will pick a team of three people. An independent judge will give both groups an assignment of building an application from scratch. Your group will build it on Oracle, our group will build it on UniVerse. Both will use Linux on the IBM pSeries.

Once the application is finished, each team will run a certain quantity, perhaps 100,000 or even a million transactions of that application. The winner gets bragging rights!

Henry Keultjes
Mansfield, Ohio