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White PS3 Slim Japan-bound: 320GB Slim coming to UK?

A new PS3 model in 'classic white' has been announced for the Japanese market, and while it might not make it to European shores, there's hope for a 320GB model yet...

Ouch, where did we put our shades? That's the new Sony PlayStation 3 Slim in 'classic white' that's scalding our retinas. Announced in Japan, this glistening monument to HD gaming packs a 160GB hard drive, and will set you back just shy of ¥30,000, which equates to about £225.

Don't fish out your wallet just yet however, as we suspect this gleaming beauty is going to be reserved exclusively for the Japanese gaming market when it lands at the end of July. Boo!

Better news is that Japanese gamers will also be able to bag themselves a 320GB Slim in the more familiar 'charcoal black' hue, and we have high hopes that this higher capacity model will make it to the U of K. An FCC filing just prior to E3 gave us reason to hope a few new PS3 models would be making their way westwards, possibly as part of a PlayStation Move bundle.

320GB is a minor upgrade on the 250GB Slim model currently available in shops, but a higher capacity console would doubtless be appreciated by space-hungry gamers.

You'll hear more as soon as we do -- in the meantime, let's think of reasons why we didn't even want the shiny white version anyway. That'll show them.

Reason 1: It'll show up dirt and grime.

Reason 2: It reminds us of Essex.

Reason 3: Umm...