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White PS3 here 1 November, smacks of Dreamcast

The white PS3 Slim is coming to the UK in time for Christmas, sold exclusively through GameStop. And the price? £250. Place your orders now.

It's been on sale in Japan since last year, but us Brits are about to get a slice of the white action, as the white PS3 will reach these shores in time for Christmas. Shades at the ready, Blues Brothers style.

It'll be the 320GB version and will cost £249.97. (Where do they pluck these prices from?) That's almost dead on the rrp of the standard 320GB Slim in black.

But don't expect to see the white knight in your local high street store, as it's exclusive to retailer GameStop. Pre-orders are open now, so if you want to make it a white Christmas, head over there now with your credit card.

The white version went on sale in Japan at the end of July 2010, so to say it's been a while coming to the UK would be an understatement. It comes with two white controllers, but if we remember our Dreamcast gaming days accurately, they may be a bit of a killer to clean. Ah well, what's a few fingerprints when you've got a shiny white console under the telly?

There's no word whether it'll be a limited run, but the fact GameStop is the exclusive UK retailer suggests so. If you want to guarantee one, pre-orders are advised.

Last month, Sony cut the price of its 160GB PS3 to £199.99 to encourage sales. This autumn it'll also be launching its PlayStation TV, which lets two players see different images on the same screen, so there's no split screen nonsense. And all in 3D too. If it works, it could well be amazing.

Will you be buying a white PS3? And are there any other colours you'd like to see? Let us know on our Facebook page.